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FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch version will also be improved

FUT 20 Coins

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Do you need cheap FUT 20 Coins? You can check out our website rvgm.com, the cheapest FUT 20 Coins are waiting for you. Just as the sky is blue and the water is wet, FIFA 20 will arrive this year to give continuity to the tradition of having a new game of the franchise, around the month of September. In it, one or several players, will be featured in its covers and will be a kind of garatos propaganda of the game. In FIFA 19, both keeper control and a mechanic known as a timed finish are the cause of frustration, leading many to call for their complete removal from the game. Apparently loot boxes are on the rage back burner for now.

In the least shocking news ever, it looks like FIFA 20 is going to see release on Switch. We've already gotten two installments of the FIFA series on Switch, and some say they're getting better with each year. Perhaps FIFA 20 will be the fully fleshed-out experience that people want on Switch. We'll just have to hang tight and cross our fingers for that to be the case. The game will definitely come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and probably the Nintendo Switch version will also be improved and implemented. We are not sure that there will be a version of the game even for old-gen consoles. FIFA 19 Legacy Edition is available for Xbox 360 and PS3, but clearly has all the limitations due to obsolete hardware.

In March, the England Vanarama National League launched a campaign to join FIFA 20 after a successful promotion of the Chinese Super League in FIFA 19. The reaction of the supporters of the United Kingdom was mostly positive; with more than 9,000 signing a petition created for this purpose. However, worldwide, Vanarama does not reach the ten most wanted leagues in FIFA 20. Instead, the main divisions ordered are from Indonesia, Malaysia and Finland that top the list.

What's interesting about both of these features, though, is the fact that they both seem to have been implemented due to complaints from previous versions of the game. FIFA players like their soccer games to have a high ceiling in terms of skill, and they've been calling for more control over play for quite some time. So, EA decided to address those requests with the inclusion of both keeper movement and timed finishes.

Even on the price front we can, for the moment, only make hypotheses. Let's suppose that the price of FIFA 20 will be in line with that of the previous titles of the saga, with a launch price between 50 and 70 euros (depending on the gaming platform) for the standard version and 90-100 euros for the editions Special. The versions for Switch and Legacy will probably be cheaper, gameplay data and reduced functionality.

The last two editions of EA sports series have seen a new league; with the debut of the Chinese league in FIFA 19 preceded by the 3 German League in FIFA 18. Therefore, although the leagues of Indonesia or Malaysia may seem nonsense; There is a high possibility. EA takes influence from a fan survey that has very large numbers.

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