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Vulcan is the Smith of the Gods and is the first to kick us off

Smite Gems

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Smite, Hi-Rez's game of clashing gods, is now more than a year old, offering more than 10 million accounts, and has just been launched on Steam. But which one is the best Smite god? Much has changed since we first compiled our Smite starter guide, so we think it's time to knock back a few liters of Ambrosia and refresh it for you. you fight as a god. This is different because it plays like an action game: You are there in a trench struggling desperately rather than directing a battle from above. Think of it as the third person in League of Legends.

Vulcan is Smith of the Gods and the first to kick us. At the mid lane, Vulcan can give some serious damage to anyone who passes it. When he has to leave the lane or suspect a gank, the nearby tower he can place will shoot the incoming enemy. He can use his counterattack to get away from other gods while damaging them or approaching him to launch several attacks. He can damage and drop them with "meatballs," the Magma Bomb, and when it's time to send the Gods to their graves, he can send large rockets through the sky, landing on a group of other Gods. When the Vulcan is in the middle lane, prepare your defense. Homie doesn't play. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Smite Gems, you can visit our website Mmocs.com.

As far as Hunters go, there are some that are as easily understood as Cupid (perhaps Artemis is the simplest). However, why I put Cupid above Artemis is the fact that he has a reliable escape (Flutter) and personal support (Share the Love). This may not sound like much, but having these two things ensures that every beginner can comfortably keep themselves alive without a little thought. Even though you still have to position yourself as a Cupid, he is a little more forgiving than others. In addition, the Ultimate ability offers a large telegraph that is hard to miss.

Hera is another immovable deity with high damage. He suffered from the same problem as Ah Puch and Zeus - he had to survive the initial game. Get him through it and he will start to damage damage consistently. Then you add Argus to the mix and how annoying he is, and he can really pack a punch.

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