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FIFA 20 loads the FUT database


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Отправлено 06 September 2019 - 10:25

FUT 20 Comfort Trade Much has to change the approach of Futbin for the 19/20 season after the movement of EA Sports a blow to the FUT database to prevent external websites from taking advantage of their data to favor trade something that can change the way of understanding FIFA 20 from September 27.

Through an official statement through the main communication channels of EA Sports they have announced that they stop updating the Ultimate Team player database on ea.com; and as a direct consequence of this fact the websites such as Futbin Futwiz or Futhead among others will see at a minimum their activities in terms of offering complete statistics of each of the players that appear each season in FIFA Ultimate Team.

That initial bid revolutionizes the entire FIFA 20 season throughout the year with the SBCs but especially the first weeks of the game something that will completely change the rules of the transfer market so you will have to be smarter than previous years Waiting tocheap FIFA 20 Comfort Trade know how Futbin will react.

Although next September 27 which also coincides with the official departure of FIFA 20 EA Sports stops updating its player database we can intuit that both Futbin and the other similar pages will find an efficient way to Continue to offer this information that does so much good to Ultimate Team players.

In the end new sources of information always appear even if it is not with a graph to the second of what the players are worth and the variants and the nearby options will be multiplied either via recommendations or monitoring channels so the trade will be activated more than never and from within FIFA 20 itself.

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